Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'll Never Abandon You Xbox

Why I need a PlayStation 3

 I am an Xbox junkie. Why the Xbox 360 became my console of choice I'm not sure. As a kid I had my fun gaming on a PC, Sega Genesis, and PlayStation One. As a teenager I dabbled with the PlayStation 2 and expanded my taste in PC gaming. Sadly I completely ignored the idea of Xbox.

Currently it's all about the Xbox 360. However, I've been thinking lately and it's time for PS3 and I to start a relationship.

I'm missing out on a lot of great games. I hear about them, I play them, and I think "I've got to go buy this game." Then I remember it's a PS3 exclusive game. Oh the agony.

 Here are the games that are successfully selling me on the PlayStation 3:

 I read an article previewing this game and couldn't wait. I love a game that is visually simple but stunning as well. It seems Journey will be all that I hope for and more. Possibly coming to Xbox? Woot!                                                                                                                 
 Little Big Planet 2
Played a chunk LBP2 and felt like a kid again. It was a lot of fun playing with multiple people. There's not many games out there in this genre that people get excited about anymore (excluding Nintendo games?). Plus those little rag dolls are just darn cute.
 The Last of Us
Any thing with an apocalyptic theme gets me. I love it all. Movies, books, and games. Especially games. I think most people wonder how it would be if such an apocalypse occurred. A video game allows you to experience it. Minus real life. 
 Twisted Metal
I played Twisted Metal back in the day on the PlayStation One. Destruction, creepy evil clown, causing chaos! What more could you ask for? I can't wait to experience Twisted Metal as an adult.
 Uncharted 3
I know what attracted me to this game but I'm not sure how to put it into words. It was hyped up and I've heard nothing but good things about it. Got to love some Nathan Drake.
 Infamous 2
I played maybe 15 minutes of this game and loved it. Sliding along buildings, jumping across a city, electricity from your hands!? Simply put: Awesome.

These games are breaking my heart. I need 200 bucks and my love sickness will be cured via PS3. They are why I want a PS3. Not to mention Blue Ray, PlayStation Network (Free!), and all the old PS1 games I could relive. 

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